1. Register on this site (click on register)
  2. Configure your Domoticz access (IP,port,login, pass)
    You must use a "public" IP so Alhau can access your server
    You can retrieve your public IP here (when you are in the same network than your server)
    Alhau will encrypt your data and safely store them.
    The Alexa skill will use them to send command to your domoticz devices
    Only Alhau and Alexa skill have the "key" to decrypt your data. Thos data are never send to any thord party. Your data are decrypt and send only to your domoticz server.
    For security reason, please use a "user" lvl account in domoticz (not your admin account) and give him access only on desired components. If your connection credentials are ok, Alhau will tell you with a green success message: If your connection is not good please check your IP (public IP) and your credentials. For example 192.168.x.x is not a public IP (it's a private local IP, which could not be accessed from outside).
  3. Get Alexa skill in your Alexa app
  4. Launch the skill and login with Alhau
  5. Start discovery and your devices should appear. At this time you can control them by voice (set position, light, switch on/off)
You can ask for help in our Forum